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10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America

It is no secret that the American economy is an absolute wreck.

But our broken economy is just one symptom of a much larger malignant disease that has been growing within our nation for decades.

Those on the right of the political aisle point blame at the the current Obama administration. (After all, we all know that our nation was completely fine until somewhere around January 20, 2009.)

And of course, those on the left of the political aisle point to Republicans as the real problem.

In the end, neither the Republicans or the Democrats have done anything to slow the demise of the Republic.

In typical Washington fashion, both parties have attempted to deny responsibility for the failure of their “band-aid style” policies that have been fastened upon the dying American experiment.

Reality TV or FoxNews? There is No Escape
Meanwhile, many of America’s citizens sit silently stunned in their living rooms at night with their eyes fixed to a parade of “reality” television. They hope to find escape from the insanity that is enveloping their nation.

Instead of finding relief, they are subjected to a steady diet of consumerism, designed specifically by the corporate-controlled media and corporate America, which encourages them to give back their hard-earned money for things they don’t need.

Just like placing money on a conveyor belt, corporate employees are convinced that to obtain happiness, they must shell out their money right back to the corporations. Our modern consumption trap is truly a clever invention and is the path to riches for those who discover it.

A smaller part of our American population is alarmed enough to turn off the “reality” television shows in order to watch the growing plethora of nightly news programs. In what may be the ultimate irony, these Americans turn to the corporate-controlled mainstream press for information on today’s most pressing issues.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media sold its soul to the highest bidder long ago. 90% of all of the media that enters the average American’s eyes and ears on a daily basis is concocted and spewed out from one of only six multinational corporations.

The point is, it doesn’t matter where you turn within the mainstream press. They all have the same ultimate agenda… to transfer your money to their advertisers so that those advertisers will keep paying the bills.

The mainstream media answers solely to the corporations and the shareholders who own them. They are not looking out for you. You are their prey. Why this simple concept has not been properly understood by the masses continues to confound me.

Given the fact that corporations practically run the federal government, should it come as any surprise that the corporate-controlled media lacks objectivity regarding government overreach?

It should come as no surprise then that the corporate-controlled mainstream media has been all but silent in the face of the government’s unprecedented and ongoing attack on liberty.

The list of abuses includes: the unpatriotic Patriot Act, federally mandated healthcare, corporate bailouts, excessive taxation, and the failed war on drugs, just to name a few.

America’s corporate-controlled media does little to inform the American people of the egregious violations on their constitutional rights and liberties that is posed through these types of government overreach.

Today, our corrupt federal government’s attempts to create a welfare state has created a nation of dependents who believe that the present amount of government benefits must be the minimum.

We are told by the federal government, and by the corporate-controlled media, that our perpetual warfare around the globe is conducted to keep us “safe” from a faceless enemy.

Take My Freedoms, Just Give Me My Money
We are told by the federal government, and by the corporate-controlled media, that naked body scanners and unreasonable searches and seizures of our garment bags in our nation’s airports are designed for “our security.”

When the government sticks their hands down your pants and tells you its “good for you,” you know that we are nearing the end of the American experiment.

Given our current state of affairs, you would expect mass riots in the street, or at least some type of organized effort within the national media to expose the federal government’s overreach. Of course, the mainstream press is mute on the most important issues facing our nation.

And it seems Americans have become numb to the destruction of their liberties. Or perhaps they simply don’t understand the basic concept of liberty.

I am not smart enough to answer that question.

What I do know is that our current government benefit situation is unsustainable. When, not if, the government begins making cuts to the public’s benefit payments, the people will rise up.

Apparently, sticking your hands down someone’s pants is one thing, but reducing their government benefits is an entirely different matter.

(Perhaps there is logic in stripping Americans of their liberties first. This way they can more effectively mute the eventual crazed mobs protesting cuts to their entitlements. Just a thought…)

Tyranny is Not Coming… It’s Here
In addition to our economy being in shambles, and our derelict media having been sold to the highest corporate bidders,our current monetary system is unconstitutional, immoral, and entirely unsustainable.

Not to mention the fact that our citizens have become enslaved by consumer debt and have unwittingly become wage slaves of the corporate elite, willingly trading their hours for “a handful of dimes.”

Tyranny has entered our nation wearing no disguise. Forget the disguise, the tyranny that has breached America’s shores is naked.

Tyranny, under any name, should be considered unacceptable among those who have tasted freedom.

Sadly, a once free people appear completely unable to recognize what is happening.

For those of us who love liberty, the whole situation can seem utterly hopeless. But giving up is not an option. There is hope. America’s origins are uniquely tinged with the sweet fragrance of liberty and freedom. Winning the the hearts and minds of the American people, who once understood the value of personal, financial, and spiritual liberty, is a worthy goal.

Below, you will find my contribution to the discussion on restoring liberty. This brief list is just the beginning. I will be adding more over time. I encourage you to contribute your own ideas to the list by leaving them in the comment box below this post.

>10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America
1. Abolish the Federal Reserve Act and End the Fed
The Federal Reserve is a fraud. It not “federal” and it has no “reserves.” It is an appalling collusion of global banking interests with the tax-payer funded government.

The Fed is a leach upon the American economic system. It is an extraneous middle man. Currency production was to be done within the Congress itself. No outside private banks were to be given this job. As it reads in Article I, Section VIII of the U.S. Constitution:

“The Congress shall have Power… To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

The money creation process should be ripped from the hands of the private banking interests and rightfully restored to the Congress. The American people were never given an opportunity to vote on such a seismic policy shift, which effectively moved the control of America’s monetary system from the accountable stewardship of public hands to the dark recesses of private hands. Today, America’s profits go to those who reside in the highest levels of the top 1%.

The Federal Reserve is the third central bank in America’s relatively brief existence. The first central banks failed miserably. The Second Bank of the United, in particular, died a spectacular and widely publicized death. In 1913, (on December 23, 1913 to be exact), the Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act. In one century (1913-2013), the Fed has promoted destructive monetary policies. Through their manipulation of the discount rate, their incompetent interest rate target setting, along with the game that the banksters refer to as “reserve requirements.

Since its inception 100 years ago this year, the Fed has systematically attacked the U.S. Dollar, destroying its value by over 90%.

Never again should our nation be held hostage by globalist banksters to whom interest must be paid on our own currency.

ACTION POINT #1: End the Fed. Take Their Gold. Deport Their Principals.
2. Shut Down the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
The TSA is skilled in the use of bogus “security theatrics.” The number of news reports exposing the absolute incompetence of the aggressive Federal agency. The TSA routinely harasses and assaults American citizens traveling regardless of whether they are heading to Minneapolis or Manila. Some of the TSA’s finer moments include: touching genitals (including those of children), stealing from passengers, and sleeping on the job. 90% of Americans are not pleased with the TSA’s performance. These TSA agents, and those who manage them, work for the American people. They are our employees. And if 90% of Americans are displeased with their employees, they should have a right to fire them. Unfortunately, the political mechanism for firing the employees of the TSA does not exist for the American people.

The Transportation Security Administration should immediately be shut down. The Federal government has clearly overreached in its efforts to keep Americans “secure.” The invasive nature of the TSA represents a clear violation of every American’s Fourth Amendment rights, which guarantees the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures without probable cause. Some will say that Americans who do not want to frisked can drive instead of traveling by air. I wonder if this will still be their attitude when TSA agents are frisking and taking x-ray scans of their children when they enter the school house. History is clear that governments never press the rewind button. They continue marching forth in their folly until the entire empire collapses. Excess upon excess. It is human nature.

Do not think that the police state that is being created here in America will recede.

To the contrary, the noose is tightening.

The solution is to privatize the airline security industry. If the masses truly desire security at the airport, then the airline industry should shoulder the cost and pass the costs on to the consumer. This would be much more economically effective than placing airport security to the Federal government. Why do we need the Federal government stationed in every single airport across the country? Corporations with breathing shareholders would approach security measures in a more civil manner than the government. Companies would have an economic incentive to be highly selective in their hiring decisions because a few bad employees could harm their corporate image.

If the private sector would have been given a chance, it would have naturally responded to growing consumer demand for greater airport security. Market signals travel the fastest within free markets. Under current government policies, free market signals are being severely stifled.

The airline industry should be in charge of securing their own airplanes. This approach would allow the free market to place checks and balances on the system and would also serve to make the actual security costs more transparent.

ACTION POINT #2: End the TSA by Privatizing Airport Security.
3. The Patriot Act should be immediately abolished.
This law was hurriedly pushed through Congress in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Few Congressmen had adequate time to read the bill. The attack on civil liberties that has occurred under this Act are in direct violation of the spirit of our Constitution. Put simply, the Patriot Act is unpatriotic.

And while we are on the topic of America’s growing police state, we should also defund the NSA.

ACTION POINT #3: Abolish the Patriot Act and Allow the States to Raise Militias.
4. The Federal and State income tax systems, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, should be abolished immediately
The income tax is an immoral form of taxation which penalizes individuals based upon their production levels. Under this system, the more you produce, the more you pay. Tax policies are designed to encourage and discourage certain types of economic behavior. Therefore, a higher tax on activity related to economic growth is illogical… if your goal is more economic growth. Governments obviously require funding and they have a wide array of taxes which they can impose – and currently do impose – to fund their activities. (i.e. user fees, excise taxes, sales taxes, etc.) The intrusive nature of the income tax, which literally rips money from the hard-earned paychecks of the working class through payroll deductions is both insulting and outrageous. End the IRS and the Income Tax immediately and force government to collect necessary taxes in a reasonable and moral manner.

ACTION POINT #4: Replace the Federal and State Income Taxes with a Nationwide Consumption Tax.
5. Get the Federal Government Out of Our Bedrooms.
The Federal government should not be asked to define marriage. Marriage is a beautifully intimate and spiritual event that should not be dependent upon the approval or oversight of the Federal government. The Constitution does not give the Federal government the right or authority to operate as a morality police force.

If marriage must be defined by government authorities, let it occur at the State level. Each state is capable of making its own laws without being made dependent upon the Federal government for questions of intimacy and sexuality.

Instead of the Federal government acting as the morality police, let the American people craft their own laws through their respective states.

ACTION POINT #5: Allow States, not the Federal government, to decide upon issues of morality. The Federal government lacks the credibility for the job.
6. The Department of Education should immediately be abolished.
The public education system is an absolute disaster. Compulsory education, which mandates homogenized curriculum, is unnatural and ineffective. The process of educating our children should be determined at the state level. Ideally, the power would flow down and ultimately reside within each locality. Privatizing education is a worthy goal, as governments should not be in the business of educating the public. It is a complete and obvious conflict of interest. And given the extremely poor results of America’s public education system over the last several decades, its failure should necessitate its demise.

ACTION POINT #6: Close the Department of Education. Support Homeschooling. Empower parents and entrepreneurs to develop learning systems that can compete against each other in the free market.
7. The Federal war on drugs should be ended.
Federal drug laws are ineffective and serve only to create excessive amounts of low-level criminals, which fill our nation’s prison system. The drug war represents a major tax liability to our nation’s citizens. Each state should be allowed to determine its own drug laws without the intervention of the Federal government.

ACTION POINT #7: End the drug war. Redirect spending towards rehabilitation, prevention, and employment assistance programs.
8. Term limits should be immediately imposed upon all Senators and Congressmen
Under the current system, politicians are unduly motivated and incentivized to place an inordinate amount of time and effort into their re-election efforts. This distortion of incentives can be ended by limiting the amount of time a politician can remain in office. We need term limits now.

ACTION POINT #8: Demand term limits.
9. A plan to allow younger American citizens to opt-out of the fraudulent Social Security system should be introduced immediately
All current beneficiaries should continue receiving their Social Security benefits. However, instead of continuing the ponzi scheme of funding current retiree benefits with current payroll taxes, current benefits can be funded through draconian spending cuts to the many bloated Federal programs that are ripe for the knife.

If the Senate and House of Representatives fail to act upon a plan to salvage the ailing Social Security system immediately, they should be forced to forgo their current luxurious Congressional pension plans and instead be integrated into the failing Social Security system. The best way to solve the Social Security crisis is to make the lawmakers dependent upon it themselves, just as average Americans have been forced to be. (Remember, it’s all about incentives.)

ACTION POINT #9: Create an opt-out provision in Social Security immediately.
10. The Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision should be immediately overturned by the United States Congress
Laws regarding abortion should not be mandated by the Federal government but instead, should originate at the state level. Each state is capable of determining its own criminal laws regarding murder, rape, etc. Why should the state be forced to take its marching orders regarding abortion from the federal government? While I am strongly pro-life, I am also a realist. You may be familiar with the saying “when you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns.” The same applies to abortion. America cannot stop abortions. Only a truly moral people can do that.

ACTION POINT #10: Overturn Roe vs. Wade and end the Federally-mandated modern holocaust of the unborn.
This list of 10 ideas is just the beginning. What about you? Do you have any ideas on how to stop the growth of tyranny in our nation? Speak your mind in the comments box below!

Source: http://ftmdaily.com/what-jerry-thinks/10-ways-to-restore-liberty-and-end-tyranny-in-america/

Quote of the Day

Terrorism is a term that the US Gov gives to others who do the actions US Gov does. We call that hypocrisy.

Obama and US Government War Criminals

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These buildings have sprinkler systems. Building 7 never suffered impact, how could it have collapsed from fire or heat damage to the structure? An

via Conspiracy Theory No More, Video, Of BBC Announces Building 7 Collapse 20 Mins Before It Happens.

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How to Leave the Pharm – Renounce your US citizenship

A massive 1,131 individuals renounced their US citizenship last quarter, according to data that has yet to be officially released (though I was able to procure an advanced copy).

This is a HUGE jump.

Compared to the same quarter last year in which 188 people renounced their US citizenship, this year’s number is over SIX TIMES higher.

Not to mention, it’s 66.5% higher than last quarter’s 679 renunciations.

This brings the total number of renunciations so far this year to 1,810.

While still embryonic, it’s difficult to ignore this trend– more and more people are starting to renounce their US citizenship.

After all, the number of people who renounced citizenship this past quarter is roughly the same as the number of people who renounced for the previous four quarters COMBINED.

This movement shouldn’t be that surprising for a species that began as nomadic hunter gatherers, or for a society that was founded by foreigner settlers in search of a better life.

Yet, in a rather anomalous twist, the emotional ties we have for our passports are incredibly strong.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from– the United States, Sweden, New Zealand, or Venezuela… many people all over the world are inculcated from birth with a sense that their country is ‘better’ than all the others.

We grow up with the songs, the flag waving, and the parades until the concept of motherland becomes deeply rooted in our emotional cores.

Not to mention, when so many of our friends and neighbors unquestionably fall in line, it’s a powerful social reinforcement that only strengthens the bond.

We come to view our nationalities rather ironically as a big piece of our core individuality. I am an American. I am a Canadian. I am an Austrian. Instead of– I am a human being.

It has taken decades… centuries even… to reach this point. So the fact that more and more people are making the gut-wrenching decision to ditch their US passports is truly a powerful trend.

So what’s driving it? Taxes… and the search for liberty.

For many, their tax bills constitute a financial breaking point. Particularly for people who spend most of their time outside of the United States and are constantly hamstrung by worldwide taxation and information disclosures, the burden for many of them has just become too much to bear.

The US government figured this out some years ago and began charging an exit tax to certain high income / high net worth expatriates seeking to renounce.

This applies to anyone whose average US tax liability over the last five years was about $150,000 (the equivalent of roughly $500,000 in taxable income in 2012 dollars), and/or has a net worth of at least $2 million on the date of expatriation. Curiously this net worth figure does not adjust with inflation.

The ironic thing is that in the “Act of July 27, 1868”, the United States Congress declared that “the right of expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Yet I would expect that as the number of expatriates continue to grow, this exit tax will become more and more onerous as the government tries to trap people, and their wealth, in the country.

Source:repost from Simon Black, sovereign Man

Video: Peter Schiff-US Citizenship: Privilege or Albatross?

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Your Pension Plan and The Government Plan of Confiscation

Yesterday an online newsletter written by Simon Black, “Sovereign Man” indicated the IRS had found a backdoor way of stopping IRAs from going offshore. Simon wrote-

” More specifically, the IRS is refusing to issue tax ID numbers for single-member LLCs that are owned by an IRA… which is the specific structure that US taxpayers need to create in order to ship their retirement savings overseas.

Of course, no LAW has been passed. No vote has been conducted. The IRS simply decided by policy in its sole discretion to stop allowing Americans to create this structure, and hence, force them to keep their retirement savings in the US.”

I haven’t heard or seen anything to support this claim, nor have I heard anything to refute it. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be true. There has been a very disturbing trend lately for those who are in power to completely ignore the rule of law in this country. They basically do and say whatever they want with impunity.

But this is not meant to be another political op-ed about the governments current policies. If you are like me, you are now sick of the political banter.

Here is the bottom line. I have been warning people for years about what I believe is a concerted effort to stop IRAs and retirement plans from going offshore. Frankly the government wants to stop all assets from leaving this country but lets just focus on retirement plans and IRAs.


Because our country has amassed a staggering load of debt. Some wonder if it can ever be repaid, and others are worried where the money is going to come from for future spending. I can tell you where it will come from. If THEY have their way, Retirement plans, that’s where! There is a lot of money tucked away in IRAs and retirement plans and if the government can figure out a method to get their hands on it, then it would sure help out. Well that IS the plan and it has shown up numerous times over the last few years. Just take a look at any of my previous articles and you will find mention of hearings before congress, proposed legislation, government initiatives etc etc. The latest being a statement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau where they are seeking legal authority over retirement plans and how they are invested.

I don’t really think it is a question of IF they force retirement plans into Treasury Bonds but WHEN.

Back to the matter at hand. There has been no rule change that would prohibit an IRA from investing in an LLC that I am aware of and Simon says the same. I am not sure how they handle IRAs and LLCs but our system works a little differently.

Standard Disclaimer- We don’t provide tax or legal advice. Blah blah blah——
Take a look at IRS form 8832. A single member LLC has the right to be treated as a disregarded entity for tax purposes.

Why is this important? Because you don’t need a tax id or EIN to take your retirement plan offshore using a foreign LLC.

Our clients typically have us establish a non-US LLC for their IRA. The client then directs the LLC to buy real estate outside of the US, or opens a foreign bank account, an online offshore trading platform or whatever the client wants to do. NONE of these actions require the LLC to obtain a tax-id.

The moral of the story-

I would not be surprised to wake up one day and find you can no longer take your retirement plan offshore. They will do it in a way that does not require them to change the rules. They will simply tell the IRS to do something and we all know by now it can happen.

I urge you-take your retirement plan offshore NOW while you still can.

Source: Simon Black – Sovereign Man

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Have you hit your breaking point yet?

It just never stops.

Here on the European continent, the bureaucrats who run the EU have recently proven to the world how much a ‘government guarantee’ is really worth.

We’ve been discussing in this column lately how the modern banking system is a total fraud– that dictatorial control of 70% of the world’s money supply has been awarded to just four central bankers.

And that the vast majority of banks, especially in the western world, are laughably illiquid… and very thinly capitalized.

But most people never really worry too much about their banks. We’re told, pratically since birth, that banks are safe, responsible, conservative financial stewards. This belief is universally held as truth across society.

And to cap it all off, we’re told that the government will step up to backstop any bank losses and ensure depositors don’t lose a single penny.

The numbers obviously tell a very different story. In the US, for example, many banks hold less than 3% of their customer deposits in cash, and they have to use clever accounting tricks and off-balance sheet vehicles to mask the true health of their balance sheets.

And the FDIC, which is supposed to bail out US depositors in the event of a crisis, has a mere 1.35% of total US deposits in cash. This isn’t safe. This isn’t conservative. It doesn’t even register as a drop in the bucket.

In Europe, though, they’ve just decided that they’re -not really- going to insure deposits at full value after all (see the article in its original German here–


Now, if a bank goes under, governments will make very, very basic payments to depositors, and restrict withdrawals to just 100-200 euros per day.

There’s a term for this. It’s called capital controls. And it’s something that almost every bankrupt government in history has resorted to using.

Capital controls are essentially a restriction on the free-flow of capital. It can take a number of different forms– gold criminalization, bank account confiscation, foreign exchange restrictions, etc.

But at the end of the day, the effect is the same– capital controls are just another way of transferring wealth from citizens to the government, like dairy cows to a farmer.

Meanwhile, across the water, I am sad to report that a number of secure email platforms like Lavabit and Silent Circle, have now folded under intense pressure from the United States government.

Lavabit was an email service used by Edward Snowden. From the very cryptic message that CEO Ladar Levison left on his website, it appears that he has been approached by the NSA to turn over email records.

Rather than work with the NSA, Levison has shuttered his operations.

And to boot, Silent Circle CEO Mike Janke announced that his organization was pre-emptively discontinuing its email platform ‘Silent Mail’.

Janke says he sees the writing on the wall and knows “USG [US government] would come after us.”

It’s incredible that two businesses essentially have to commit suicide in order to keep from violating their promises to their customers.

Just another week in the free world. Have you hit your breaking point yet?

Source: repost from Simon Black, sovereign Man

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Quote of the Day

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.
George Orwell

Quote of the Day

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.
George Orwell

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