War on Jesus

thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict — 'Occupation 101' presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions

Message for the Awakens

The people who he speaks of have caused tremendous pessimism for those of us who did not “just tune in” to who they are.

I have been researching this group for four decades and they are way ahead of you and 90% of the rest of the world.

The time for a revolution was more than 200 years ago when this NAZI group began to create a New World Order. They have hidden behind many different names, Free Masons, Secret Society of Free Masons, the Illuminati and over the past 7 decades the “Skull and Bonesmen and the Bilderburg Group. But the two first builders of the NWO were NAZI’s. Wikipedia actually has a pretty good breakdown on most but not all of what I just said. they operate as the Bilderburg group and you can easily find the families who make up the HEAD of the monster online.

They run the world and are collapsing the banks around the world in order to fulfill a UN agreement to DEPOPULATE the world by 90% and to herd all of us into concentration camps they are calling internment camps. The economic collapse coming to America has a name and a DHS whistleblower has said it can come any day now and the name is “Operation Thunderdome.”

The ARMY has been hiring right on their website for a decade “internment” guards to round up Americans, imprison them and never let them out. Halliburton has built hundreds of camps since 2005 and many are up and housing American citizens. In 1992, Bush Sr. signed the UN agreement with 178 other nations which is known as Agenda 21. Clinton made it law by executive order with the full knowledge of Congress the same year and then the two of them went on a world tour promoting the NWO.

The NDAA act of 2011 which was made law by Obama by executive order last year lists 400 different ridiculous actions that now make any American citizen a terrorist and tens of thousands of citizens have been rounded up and taken to the camps already. Twenty thousand ppl are MISSING in Virginia alone which most think is the result of the round up.

These are a few of the 400 that make you a terrorist. Prepping more than a 7 day supply of food, water or ammo makes you a terrorist and the act clearly points out the fact that this stuff is NOT yours but will be confiscated for the common good. Announcing you are doing it is NOT a good idea. Growing food without using GMO’s for sale is a terrorist act. Raising livestock without using poisonous antibiotics that kill the animals and cause cancer in humans is a terrorist act. Holding prayer meetings in your home is an terrorist act. Speaking out against your gov. or Obama is a terrorist act. Collecting rain water in a barrel is a terrorist act. IF you served in combat in any war back to VietNam, you are a “psychotic” and “an enemy of the state” and a “terrorist.” It is estimated that close to one hundred thousand of our troops most of whom were homeless have been taken to the camps. JesseVentura has footage on one episode of Conspiracy Theory that shows children in the camps. The turnstiles that house the ppl only turn one way. You can see them online. You can see SWAT teams rounding up ppl who have all violated these laws.

Obama made the NDAA act of 2011 the law by executive order and he personally included a clause that states that “a terrorist on this list will no longer have the right to a phone call, the right to an attorney or the right to trial and that you can be held in the camps forever.

There are foreign troops all over America here to take our guns and round us up to go to the camps. Russian, German and Chinese immigrants have all admitted to being in the US for that purpose. UN troops are all over America. Recently it was published that in ONE military base in Houston that 30,000 troops are being trained to disarm the American ppl NO doubt this is happening nationwide.

In the US conspiracy theories about our government have proven to be more than 90% TRUE. I suggest you check them out and KNOW that a revolution is really impossible because the ppl of America are not informed and not involved. We are the test case for the NWO and it is here NOW.

We are victims of our own demise and the future is NOW. Optimism will NOT fix this.


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